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Funding Shortfall Could Cost Elderly Their Independence, UF Study Finds

Published: Feb 25th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Several hundred thousand elderly Americans living in federally-subsidized apartment housing could lose their independence as the new millennium begins because of funding shortfalls, according to a University of Florida study being released next week.

More Undersize Catches Can Survive With “Venting” Method

Published: Feb 24th, 1999

SARASOTA—Imagine you’re the captain of a charter vessel taking a bunch of anglers to sea for a day of fishing. They catch a beautiful grouper, but it’s a few inches undersize, so you have to take the fish off the line and throw it back.

Conflict Resolution Teaches Kids Skills For Adult Life, UF Study Shows

Published: Feb 22nd, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Conflicts and violence in the schools are growing problems in society, but University of Florida researchers have found a way to slow their growth.

New UF Low-Power Radio Stations On I-75 And I-95 Warn Travelers About Zebra Mussels

Published: Feb 19th, 1999

GAINESVILLE—Fears that zebra mussels could become the next nuisance pest to invade Florida have prompted University of Florida officials to start broadcasting warnings to visitors about the meddlesome mollusks.

UF Studies New Treatment For Rare Nerve Tumor

Published: Feb 19th, 1999

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida physicians have successfully treated a group of patients suffering from a rare skull-base tumor using an advanced radiation treatment system.

UF Team At Shands Performs Surgical First In North America To Monitor Cardiac Blood Flow In Critical Care Patients

Published: Feb 18th, 1999

GAINESVILLE—A University of Florida physician today used a new method to measure cardiac blood flow in intensive care patients, marking a surgical first in North America that is expected to revolutionize critical care.

In Step With U.S. Trend: Women Outnumber Men At UF For The First Time

Published: Feb 17th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Single men at the University of Florida are going to be very happy, but they’re going to have to hit the books to keep up with the women.

UF Study: Florida Goes Country As Population Breaks 15 Million Mark

Published: Feb 16th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Florida’s population broke 15 million in 1998 as the state went country with people moving away from traditionally high-growth metropolitan areas, a new University of Florida study finds.

Program Developed At UF Enables Computer To “Emote” In Speech

Published: Feb 15th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — A recent University of Florida computer engineering graduate student has created a program that gives a computerized voice synthesizer the unusual ability to convey human emotional states including anger, sadness and fear.

UF Researcher Studies Changes In The Elementary School Principalship

Published: Feb 11th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — There are twice as many women in the elementary school principalship as there were a decade ago, but job stress and responsibilities have increased, leading principals to retire earlier and earlier, a University of Florida researcher found.