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Skull Of Refrigerator-Size Ancient Armadillo Finds A Home At UF

Published: Dec 16th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — At more than 6 feet long and weighing as much as 600 pounds, this is one armadillo that likely wouldn’t have ended up as road kill.

A Weed Is A Weed Is A Weed, Unless It’s Mistletoe, UF Professor Says

Published: Dec 12th, 1997

GAINESVILLE—Before you enlist the help of mistletoe to land some smooches this holiday season, there’s something University of Florida horticulturist Robert Black wants you to know.

The Next Big Speed Boost: Parallel Computing With High-Speed Networks

Published: Dec 11th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — An accountant for XYZ Widget Co. has stepped out for lunch and left his computer running with the Dilbert screen saver doing its job.

Shopping For Children? UF Instructor OffersTips For Lasting Gifts

Published: Dec 10th, 1997

GAINESVILLE—Stores are bursting with bright packages promising endless hours of entertainment for children. But if toys offer just one way to play, they may not hold children’s attention for long, a University of Florida child development expert says.

UF Shands Transplant Team Performs Rare Combined Liver-Pancreas Transplant

Published: Dec 10th, 1997

GAINESVILLE—A 14-year-old Orlando girl with cystic fibrosis was discharged from Shands Children’s Hospital today after undergoing a rare combined liver-pancreas transplant, the state’s first for this particular disorder.

UF Researchers Investigate Phenomenon Of Seizure-Alert Dogs

Published: Dec 9th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — Determined to separate fact from fiction, University of Florida researchers are attempting to document the existence of seizure-alert dogs — animals that purportedly can detect seizures about to strike their owners and warn them of the coming trouble.

UF To Dedicate Human Rights And Peace Center In Uganda

Published: Dec 8th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — As the world observes Human Rights Day on Wednesday, Uganda, a country recovering from decades of bloodshed and oppression, is scheduled to host U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright for the dedication of a human rights and peace center founded by University of Florida law and anthropology professors.

UF Researcher: Families Not Necessarily Best Suited To Care For Elderly

Published: Dec 4th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — Many aging parents would rather take the risks of personal freedom than kowtow to their grown children for help with daily living, a University of Florida study finds.

UF Researcher Designs Pill To Control Mosquitoes

Published: Dec 2nd, 1997

VERO BEACH—Dov Borovsky wants to put mosquitoes on a diet.

Survey Finds Shoplifting And Employee Theft Cost Retailers Billions

Published: Nov 26th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — The nation’s retailers lost an estimated $25.7 billion last year from employee theft, shoplifting, administrative error and vendor fraud, according to the seventh annual National Retail Security Survey. The survey of retail security executives by researchers at the University of Florida was released today.