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UF Professor’s Book Aims To Correct Western Image Of The Balkans

Published: Apr 10th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — Although the Southeastern European area known as the Balkans is synonymous with divisive, hostile political groups, Westerners who look no deeper than that headline-driven stereotype are missing the region’s deep cultural and religious identity, says a University of Florida professor.

UF Researchers Create A Suit That Makes The Wearer A Living Keyboard

Published: Apr 9th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — A lone dancer clad in a form-fitting, white suit stands in the center of a dark, silent stage. With his face concealed by a mesh mask and wires protruding from the material, he resembles a robot in a science fiction film.

Spring Brings Together Snakes And Homeowners, Says UF Scientist

Published: Apr 7th, 1997

GAINESVILLE—The warmer weather of a Florida springtime draws both people and wildlife out of hibernation — a combination that makes snake-sightings much more common in April than any other time of the year.

University of Florida Affiliate Pioneers Cardiology Treatment

Published: Apr 2nd, 1997

MELBOURNE—For the first time in Florida, physicians have the ability to remove blood clots from arteries using a nonsurgical procedure that can help people with a variety of medical conditions.