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Humans Have Been Changing The Environment Since Prehistoric Times

Published: May 31st, 1996

GAINESVILLE —Although early civilizations did not clear land for convenience stores, strip malls or housing developments, they did change the land to suit their needs and overused natural resources long before the industrial revolution, archaeologists have shown.

Florida Researchers: Formula-Fed Babies Are Not At Greater Risk For Diabetes

Published: May 29th, 1996

GAINESVILLE—University of Florida medical researchers have found evidence to refute popular claims that bottle-feeding infants, instead of breastfeeding, is responsible for many cases of childhood diabetes.

Big-Ticket Item Doubts Dampen Consumer Confidence, UF Survey Shows

Published: May 28th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — Reluctance to buy big-ticket items, brought on by job loss, fears of inflation and the lack of further reductions in interest rates, dampened consumer confidence this month, University of Florida economists reported today (May 28).

Record Funding From State Makes 1996 A Good Year For Florida Beaches

Published: May 24th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — In the wake of the busiest hurricane season in 60 years, it looks like 1996 will be a good year for Florida beaches after Legislators approved a record amount of funding for beach projects.

Early Heat Waves Heighten Health Risks To Elderly And Children

Published: May 23rd, 1996

GAINESVILLE—Early record-breaking high temperatures in many parts of the nation could mean danger for elders and young children if precautions are not taken.

Midnight Feeding Of Hens Improves Eggshell Quality, UF Research Finds

Published: May 22nd, 1996

GAINESVILLE—Give a hen a midnight snack and she’ll lay eggs with stronger shells, University of Florida researchers have found.

Many Floridians Prefer Public To Private Schools, Says UF Study

Published: May 21st, 1996

GAINESVILLE — Many parents prefer the diversity and quality of public schools and would not send their children to private schools even if tuition were paid for, a University of Florida survey finds.

Florida Researchers Find New Drug Delivery System Prolongs Life For Some Cancer Patients

Published: May 17th, 1996

GAINESVILLE—A new, cost-effective method of delivering potent cancer drugs to patients whose cancer has spread to the brain is enabling them to live four times longer, University of Florida researchers reported today (5/17).

Watermelons May Be Late, But Just In Time For Summer Holidays

Published: May 17th, 1996

GAINESVILLE—Thanks to a very late and extremely cold winter this year, consumers will have to wait a little longer to enjoy the refreshing sensation of a mouthful of that traditional summer treat — the sweet and juicy watermelon.

Breaking With Tradition, UF Forges Public/Private Partnership To Meet New Training Needs Emerging With Health-Care Reform

Published: May 16th, 1996

GAINESVILLE–In a rapidly changing health-care system, fear strikes at the heart of many health professionals who are finding their specialized training does not meet new marketplace demands.